Welcome to plymo.com!

This is a webspace set up by a group of Mac afficionados and iTools users who were very disappointed that Apple decided to start charging $99.95 a year for their .mac offering. As most of us used their mac.com e-mail accounts as a forwarding address only we were reluctant to shell out the full price for the additional services contained in the .mac package.

We all understand that the time of free Internet is slowly coming to an end and somebody eventually has to pay the bill for whatever web services offered. Nevertheless we figured we wanted to spend our money differently and found a way through Strato AG to setup a web space with 3 domains of our own for even less than $99.95. As a consequence we now are sure that we can stick to a single e-mail address independently of the ISP we are using to provide Internet access as long as we pay the bill for the domain. Hey, some of us had to notify over 100 contacts to have their e-mail addresses changed. This is certainly not something you want to do every time you switch ISPs, or do you?

So if you are interested in setting up your own web space including customizable e-mail addresses and all, check out a web hosting service in your neighbourhood. There are many hosting companies world-wide that offer such services so compare features and prices carefully.

Good luck!


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